About Me

Phone:      0191 2516979

Mobile       07798 687322

E-mail:      chris@chriscorner.co.uk

Web:         www.chriscorner.co.uk

E-mail:      chris@sabsound.com

In 1982 I left Radio Tees and joined Tyne Tees Television as a sound engineer, and worked in the Sound Department for eleven years being involved in Studio Sound, Drama shoots, Post Production and Location Recording.

In 1993 I became a self employed freelance engineer, and equipped myself as a location sound recordist. Since then I have worked with the Independent, BBC, and ITV companies in the UK along with many others from around the world on Drama and Documentary shoots.  I also work extensively with the UKs major Outside Broadcast companies.

I have always had an active interest in music which has influenced a lot of the equipment I have gathered over the years. I own most equipment needed for location sound recording and can quickly hire in to meet any specific requirements.

In 2010 I joined the staff of Northumbria University as a part time lecturer in their Media Department. I taught the sound modules for the Basic Media Technology Course.

I am part of the Sabsound network of Broadcast Professionals and can be contacted from their site.

I live near Newcastle upon Tyne with my wife Christine and children Jessica and Bethan.


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